Packaging Barcode Weight
vacuum packaging 94820141402407 from 1.0 kg to 3.0 kg
Cardboard box contains 5 blocks 94820141402414 from 5.0 kg to 15.0 kg

Storage conditions:

90 days at t from -4 ° C to +4 ° C

90 days at t from 0 ° С to + 8 ° С

Milk-containing processed cheese block product "Getmansky" 40%, TM "Bogodukhivskyi Molzavod" TU U 15.5-24934992-009: 2007

A feature of this species is a unique recipe and a special molding and maturation process. These cheeses are produced from various rennet cheeses, melting cheeses, cottage cheese, butter, vegetable fats and other dairy products using a variety of fillers and spices to give the finished product a certain taste, smell, cheese dough consistency, and ensure good melting. a product similar in taste, smell and appearance to natural hard cheese.

A pleasant milky, slightly sour cheese taste will perfectly complement salads, sandwiches, meat, fish and vegetable dishes.